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BOBO OILS - Derma Roller & Disinfectant spray

BOBO OILS - Derma Roller & Disinfectant spray

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Revolutionize Hair Loss Treatment with BOBO OILS - Derma Roller

When it comes to combating hair loss, solutions can often be expensive and require professional intervention. However, the BOBO OILS - Derma Roller offers a natural and convenient at-home alternative, devoid of chemicals. By utilizing hundreds of small needles, this cutting-edge tool creates micro-injuries on the skin or scalp, stimulating the brain's healing response. The rapid healing of these micro-injuries leads to collagen and elastin fiber production, as well as improved blood flow to the area. The scalp's positive reaction triggers various hair growth responses, fostering a rejuvenated and vibrant hairline.

The micro punctures generated by the BOBO OILS - Derma Roller serve another valuable purpose by enhancing the absorption and efficacy of our hair growth oil. This allows our specialized formula to effectively reach the hair follicles, unlocking its remedial qualities and promoting optimal hair regrowth. Experience the transformative power of our derma roller, an essential tool for hair loss treatment.

For best results, follow these directions:

  1. Sanitize the derma roller using the provided BOBO OILS disinfectant spray (Isopropyl alcohol).
  2. Roll the derma roller gently in up-and-down, left-and-right, and diagonal motions at least four times in each direction on the affected areas. Note: If you have long hair, use the derma roller on damp hair after showering to prevent entanglement.
  3. After use, clean the derma roller thoroughly under running water to remove any debris.
  4. Sanitize the derma roller once again with the BOBO OILS disinfectant spray and store it back in its original box.

Important Notes:

  • Use the BOBO OILS - Derma Roller twice a week, allowing ample time for your skin to heal.
  • Mild redness and itchiness may occur after usage, which is normal.
  • Replace the derma roller after six months to maintain optimal needle sharpness.
  • Do not share your derma roller with anyone else.
  • Always store the derma roller in its original box to protect the needles from damage or contamination.

Explore Additional Applications:

In addition to promoting hair growth, the BOBO OILS - Derma Roller can be used to stimulate beard hair growth and address minor skin scars such as acne scars or stretch mark scars. However, refrain from using the derma roller on active acne.


If skin irritation occurs, discontinue use. If the condition persists, consult a doctor for further guidance.

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