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Peppermint Oil for Hair

Peppermint oil for hair is Bobo oils most recent essential oil for its potential to aid hair development. After researching our essential oil guide and the top essential oils for eczema, migraines, and cystic acne, we decided to take a closer look at the minty, fresh oil.

While it is commonly found in toothpaste and floss, it can also benefit your hair care routine. Peppermint oil for hair is used in cosmetics and meals for its minty scent, flavor, and cooling impact, and some believe it may even promote hair growth.

Why should you use peppermint oil on your hair?

Peppermint oil for hair is used in some people's beauty and hair care routines. It has a pleasant aroma and is commonly found in shampoos, skin creams, and other items.

While peppermint oil is well-known for its skin care advantages, it also benefits your hair and scalp. It might assist with dryness, irritation, and other scalp issues.

The advantages of Bobo oils peppermint oil for hair are as follows:

  • antimicrobial
  • insecticidal
  • pesticidal, analgesic
  • anesthetic vasodilator
  • Anti-inflammatory


How to Apply Bobo Oil's Peppermint Oil to Your Hair?

Peppermint oil can be used alone, in DIY treatments, or combined with a carrier oil. It's common in many hair care products, such as shampoos, conditioners, scalp treatments, and deep treatment masks. 

  • To relieve tension headaches, rub it into your scalp: When you have a lot of stress, avoid using pain relievers and instead use bobo oil's peppermint oil, recommends Adina Grigore, creator of the sustainable and organic skincare company S.W. Basics and writer of Just the Essentials: How Essential Oils Can Cure Your Skin, Boost Your Immune System, and Cleanse Your Life. Add a few drops of carrier oil to your forehead and massage your scalp. A study's subjects experienced a considerable reduction in the discomfort of their stress headaches within 15 minutes, and the severity continued to decrease over the next hour.
  • Dissolve it with carrier oil: If you wish to use peppermint oil for hair on its own, dilute it with a carrier oil such as jojoba or argan oil. "Because it is an essential oil, the ideal method to utilize it is to dissolve it in your preferred carrier oil at a 1-2 % solution," says Isfahan.
  • Look for peppermint oil-containing items: Use peppermint oil-containing products or raw oil. Blend one dropper with your shampoo, rub and wash.


Bobo oil's Peppermint oil for hair is a natural home treatment for increasing hair growth. Before considering peppermint essential oil treatment for hair loss, more study on its impact on a human hair is required. Nonetheless, the data thus far is favorable.

Peppermint essential oil should not be used to treat more severe hair loss issues, such as baldness or alopecia. The therapy may be beneficial, but there is no assurance that it will resolve these concerns permanently. In any case, there's no harm in experimenting with diluted peppermint essential oil. To boost your hair growth, see whether it works for you. Even if it doesn't, it may have other advantages for your hair and scalp.

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